General Questions

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
If for any reason if you are not satisfied with any purchase you may return it within 30 days of your purchase and receive a 100% refund.
I ordered the document a few minutes ago and I still have not received an email, what should I do?
Check your junk or spam email, often the email ends up there. Also check to make sure the email you provided to us is the correct email address.
Part of the document I cannot see, what should I do?
View the document in the print layout view. This can be done by selecting View>Print Layout on Microsoft Word.
How does the purchasing process work?
  1. You purchase the item
  2. A download link will be sent to you at the email address that you provided
  3. Click on the link once and save it to your hard drive in a location that you will remember
I am getting a message that says ‘Download limit exceeded’ what should I do?
For security reasons, the link to the download is only available one time If you receive this error message, reply back to the email you received from us when you purchased the document or call us at 800.221.3104 we will resend the download link.
What is the format of the document that I will receive?
The documents you will receive will be in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or a PDF format. If you purchase a stock certificate kit or software it will be in a winzip file. If you currently do not own winzip to download the file you can get a free trial at Winzip or you can get another similar free program at 7zip.

Stock Certificates

Can I use certificate more than once?
Yes, once you have downloaded the document you can use it over and over.
I am having an issue trying to print my certificate. None of the images are showing up.
This is a new issue with Microsoft. To fix, please follow the steps below:

1. Access File menu from menu bar across the top
2. Select Options (at very bottom)
3. Select Display (second one on list that pops up)
4. Scroll to third box, Printing options
-check box next to Print drawings created in word
-check box next to Print background colors and images
Your document will now print with all the graphics.
What fields can I change?
All the fields you need to change to customize the certificate for your company. Some examples include State Name, Shareholder Name, Company Name, Date, etc. If you look at the preview of the certificate you can change any text that is surrounded by these brackets < >. There is some text on the certificate that is actually part of the certificate, however, even that can be modified electronically. For example, what some customers have done is to cut and paste the certificate onto Microsoft Powerpoint and paste a white box over the text portion and add their own customized text.
Can you customize a stock certificate for me?
Yes, we can develop a custom stock certificate for your company. You can select your stock certificate border, color, digital seal and even add your logo to the certificate. The normal turnaround time for a first draft of the certificate is 48 hours. The process is as follows:

  1. We will require a $50 deposit
  2. When checking out you will be asked to provide additional information
  3. We will send you a draft for your review and once it is approved, you will pay the remaining balance
  4. Once you purchase the custom stock certificate, a email will be sent to you with a download link
What is the difference between PAR and Non-Par value stock?
Par value stock has a stated value on its face. This is the minimum amount contributed by the stockholder. No par value stock has no stated value. The corporation may issue the stock for any amount per share which is determined by the Board of Directors.
Do I need any special software to edit the stock certificate?
All you need is Microsoft Word or a compatible program like Open Office or Google Docs. The Apple version of Microsoft Word also works with this document.
Can I add a company logo to the stock certificate?
Yes, it is a Microsoft Word document so you can insert an image like you would do with any other Word document.

Administration & Printing Software

Is there a FREE trial of the software?
Yes, there is a 30 day trial for both the Administration and Printing Software.
What is the difference between the Stock Certificate Administration and Stock Certificate Printing Software?
Please look at the Product Comparison Page.


How long does it take to produce a physical embosser?
It normally takes three business days to produce and mail the embosser.
If I want to put a rush on the order how long will it take?
If you need a rush order, please call us at 800.221.3104.
What type of information do you need to complete the physical embosser?
If you are ordering the E11, there is an outer ring of information where people typically put their Corporate Name. In the inner ring most people typically put the incorporation date and sometimes the state. If you are ordering the E12, this is a rectangle shape.With either of these embossers you have a lot of flexibility as to what the inserts contain. Please describe exactly what you would like to have on the embosser in the comments section on the check out screen.

Can I purchase the inserts separate from the metal embosser stamper?
Yes, if you need multiple inserts you can purchase one metal stamper and change out the inserts.

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