Specialized SOPs for Endodontists

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In this supplement, you find SOPs addressing common endondontic tasks such as:

Appointment Scheduling: General Guidelines
Clinical Abbreviations Used in Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling: Verbal Skills
Appointment Scheduling: New Patient Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling: Scheduling Emergencies
Appointment Scheduling: Periodic Oral Examination (PE) Recall
Sample Recall Letters
New Patient Check-In
Established Patient Check-In
New Patient Visit
Referral Slip
Treatment Plan and Consent Form
Oral Sedation
Thanking Referrals
Treatment Cards Sent to Referring Dentists
Tray Setups
Hand Pieces: High and Slow Speed
Infection Control

With 19 SOPs in a three-ring binder and the complete text on CD as editable Microsoft Word files, this supplement is a useful guide for setting standards of care, service, and performance in your endodontic practice.

As with the rest of the DENTAL SOPs Products, everything comes on either computer disk or is digitally downloadable for ultimate customization. Make your selection in the pull down menu.

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